Download the beautician’s client card for free

BDiary –

these are modern technologies for maintaining a client card of a cosmetologist, dermatologist, make-up artist, tattoo artist, eyebrow artist, lashmaker and many other beauty specialists right in a smartphone. You can download the “Before” and “After” photographs of the procedure, the complete formula of drugs, anamnesis and save the history of procedures using the ALL-IN-ONE system directly into the client’s electronic card.

The completed e-card of the cosmetologist’s client can be sent to the client in the messenger or for printing to give for signature.

App Store  или Play Market .

Or stay on the free version and keep a client’s anamnesis in an unlimited file cabinet right in the app.

You can download a free electronic client card of a beautician here:

App Store  или Play Market. 

If you want to receive 100 paper copies of the client card for free or download the electronic card of the beautician in a separate file, fill out our form using the link below and we will send you the files.