BDiary sees this – what is happening in Ukraine right now

BDiary sees this - what is happening in Ukraine right now

BDiary is a Ukrainian startup, co-founders from Donetsk and Vinnytsia, organized in Kyiv with support of Demium, Spain and take a pre-accelerated program by a Startup Wise Guys, Estonia.
🌍It proves – BDiary is an international solution, an application used by doctors and cosmetologists in 15+ countries around the world.
We do not engage in propaganda or misinformation, which has been proven by our work over the year of existence.
Using BDiary, you know that the purpose of our product is to protect health and beauty and help the doctor in his work.
By continuing to do this, we want to tell the truth to our users in the CIS countries and around the world: there is a WAR going on in Ukraine. Russia started it.
⛔️Do not believe the words “operation”, “liberation”, “demilitarization”.
Only official facts:
– 16 children were killed and 45 children were injured during 4 days of hostilities;
– in total, 2040 civilians were injured;
– the attack is carried out with the use of all types and methods of military instruments: air strikes, landing, tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems and Grads, warships and armored vehicles throughout Ukraine;
– objects of civilian infrastructure, residential buildings, ambulances are attacked;
All photos are verified and signed: Ukrainian news department of UNIAN.
Dorn, Monatic, Meladze, Makarevich, Ptushkin and many others – what artists and opinion leaders officially say can be heard here:
🆗What can you personally do:
– Resist silence and misinformation: 4500+ killed Russian soldiers. Pass on materials where relatives can identify and find them, warn about the real numbers, goals and costs of this offensive. Search base “FIND YOURS”:; On the territory of the Russian Federation, the site is blocked, you can use the official Telegram channel; – Join anti-war rallies in your city;
– Sign a petition to close the sky over Ukraine from missiles that kill civilians and children;
– Spread these true facts, share information on social media by saying #no to war;
– Support the “Turn back alive” fund
– Follow only the official facts in the official channels of Ukraine:
Office of the President of Ukraine General Staff of the Defense Forces of Ukraine
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Ministry of Internal Affairs
To all our users and partners: we invite you to study real facts, photos and counter disinformation together.